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Executive Eye

Translate Your Multiple Projects Data Into Insights In One APP

Executive Eye unlocks the right information from all your information silos and wraps visuals around the progress of your projects for deeper insights on your mobile phone & other devices.

It provides a visual data analytics platform intended to proactively manage construction progress with a greater degree of precision. Executive Eye platform continuously translates schedule progress by visualizing reality directly within 5D BIM, enabling measurement of actual progress and productivity, and analyses risk for delay by putting schedule tasks and project performance data in a visual context for the entire team of stakeholders. This visual mapping of reality against schedule enables construction performance analysis and more precise project progress reporting which in turn allows construction project teams to better plan, coordinate, and communicate beside providing transparency in project execution


Business-Friendly Performance Interpretation

a. Easy Project Performance Interpretation
Translate project control metrics into deliverables-based performance metrics that are more easily understood by non-project control stakeholders.
b. Stay Up-To-Date on Project Matters
Capture cost and schedule metrics with variations to ensure stakeholders are always up to date with the revised contract, duration and finish dates.
c. Integrated Project Curves
Integrated S-Curves for cumulative physical and cost elements of the project. Integrates with external Project Control applications such as MS Project Online and Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM.
d. Pre-Built Analytics and Reports
Display metrics from multiple perspectives to give quick overview of project performance. Merge cost and schedule progress to correlate spending with actual progress.
e. Adaptive Scaling to Auto-Fit Devices
Content is automatically scaled to fit devices used by stakeholders. Built-in touch-based gesture features allow stakeholders to use the same interaction model they use when interacting with their mobile applications.
f. Variance Trends
Variance analysis presented by comparing planned versus actuals allow stakeholders to gauge trends and deduce whether project is getting back on track or drifting further away from original plans.

Rich Interactive Briefings

a. Content from Multiple Systems and Devices
Internet of Things (IoT) technology delivers the opportunity for content to be captured directly from source to Executive Eye (X-Eye). From simple site photos and videos to 3D models generated from Drone Feeds, X-Eye renders these multi-format content on the same canvas. These content feeds complement the insights received from financial, schedule, contract and BIM application outputs.
b. Stakeholder Storyboards
Prepare briefing storyboards for stakeholders with different information demands. Content albums facilitate selection of content for stakeholder-specific information demands. This feature allows content to be custom selected based on target audience.
c. Non-Linear Content Presentations
Select content from several albums to present at the same time on the canvas. With multiple content types displayed at the same time, the presenter will be able to move from one content piece to another while keeping other relevant content in view.

This non-linear presentation capability allows presenters to tailor-make their own “storyboard” during the presentation and respond more effectively to questions raised by stakeholders.

d. Geospatial Reporting
This feature allows content to be presented within a geo-spatial context, allowing the audience to better comprehend their project information demands. GPS tagged content helps evaluate progress achieved across reporting periods for a given site location.
e. Multiple Perspective Reporting
Present multiple project perspectives with the rich content repository of X-Eye. With content sourced from IoT devices and project performance metrics captured from external project control applications, X-Eye exploits the opportunities to derive insights from data through data correlation.

Integration to Project Management Solutions

a. Integrates with Microsoft Project Online
b. Integrates with Microsoft Project
c. Integrates with Oracle Primavera Project Portfolio Management Solution P6 Online
d. Integrates with Oracle Primavera Project Portfolio Management Solution P6
e. Future integration to solutions in the Project Management Ecosystem
f. Import data from Excel Templates
g. Capture Data Directly within X-Eye

Real Time Availability of Data Through Multiple Devices

a. Laptops, Desktops
b. Large touch screen televisions
c. Mobile platform (Android & IOS)

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