Training Overview

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Training Overview

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Delivering and then executing using integrated project controls across an organization impacts different areas of the business, including senior management, operations, finance and the entire project team. It can also lead to organizational change by bringing about a greater focus on strategic thinking and improved execution.

At InSynchro we understand that embedding your project controls processes and systems through efficient training, user adoption and change management programs is one of the most critical factors to success. That is why we have developed comprehensive training programs that help develop the skills of your people, while advancing organizational and individual project performance.

Our training ranges from basic project management concepts through to advanced product knowledge. We can design a flexible training schedule that matches your organization’s project management maturity and tailored to fit your needs.

Training Options

Our Training Delivery Options

Classroom Training

Dedicated Training

(Onsite & Offsite)

Live Virtual Classes (LVC)

Tailored Content Development

Oracle Primavera

Courses Offered

Primavera P6 Basic

This 3-day course provides participants hands-on training include workshops and case studies, which provide best practices on how to create, update, and manage projects successfully in Primavera P6.

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Primavera P6 Advanced

This 2-day course provides in-depth project management training in Primavera P6 solution. Project management topics include earned value analysis, advanced scheduling and creating time scaled logic diagrams via Visualizer.

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Primavera Risk Analysis

This 3-day course provides specific risk modelling techniques and provides a lab-style workshop.


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Primavera Cloud Basic

This 3-day OPC Project planning & control course leads you through hands-on workshops that create & track an entire project to completion. Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning & scheduling.

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Primavera Cloud Advanced

This 2-day course teaches about resource management topics like manual allocation, bucket planning & leveling. Project management topics include earned value analysis & advanced scheduling. Participants should take the OPC Basic Training as a prerequisite.

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Primavera Cloud Cost

This 2-day course is designed to teach participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of cost management principles and techniques using Primavera Cloud to control project costs throughout the project lifecycle.

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Primavera Cloud Risk Management

This 1-day course provides participants hands-on training include workshops and case studies, which provide best practices on how to assess risk in every project context, regardless of the industry.

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