Lease Management

Lease Management

Whether you have office, industrial or retail properties across multiple geographic locations, our lease management solution takes away the burden of managing your leases whether you own the properties or lease them. Take control of territorial compliance issues and multiple types of lease arrangements and predict your future revenue and payment schedules with ease using our flexible cloud and mobile based solution.

The Pains
  • Still using excel spreadsheet to manage your leased/owned properties
  • Disconnect in tracking and maintaining accurate payment cycles
  • Multiple lease arrangements with different tenant groups
  • Time consuming to prepare the reports on the lease status
  • No visibility in total future lease payment schedules
  • Disconnect between planned lease payments and actual ERP payment processing
  • Inability to gain visibility into future Lease events such as critical lease dates
Our Offerings
  • Unify Lease Management practices
  • Transform operations to adopt cloud and mobile technologies
  • Forecast and generate Lease Payables that integrate with ERP for processing
  • Tailored solution, based on the Oracle Primavera Cloud Unifier FMRE solution, integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite via Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Localize lease workflows for each region while maintaining a global streamline of their lease management processes
  • Necessary flexibility and agility to manage different types of global lease commitments and significantly reduce the effort in establishing, managing, reconciling and reporting on all active leases
  • Standard solution for managing all lease contracts, globally, with flexibility to support specific local requirements, by region/country
  • Automated solution for planning, calculating and generating lease payables and receivables
  • Automated accurate lease payment calculations with payment escalation support
  • Accurate automated generation of CAM (Common Area Maintenance) payments
  • Dynamic task assignments for lease critical dates/events
  • Lease reconciliation for accurate cross referencing of planned payment and actual payments by lease and vendor
  • Ability to support an increased volume of leases globally and potential greater cost savings and revenue growth

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