Facilities / Assets Management

Facilities and Asset Management

Assessing facility condition is an important part of management and maintenance. Achieving a smooth operation aligned with the Return on Asset targets from any facility is the main objective of any facility or asset manager. A successful manager develops strategic plans for managing their assets which in turn provides the foundation to develop a systematic approach to managing the assets. Facilities and Asset management solutions have played an integral role in assisting facilities and asset managers to successfully achieve their goals.

The Pains
  • Constantly changing regulations for compliance
  • Difficulty tracking and sending notifications on tasks which includes inspecting, collecting, analysing and reporting on the condition of the entire facility or each building
  • Lack of capabilities to be integrated to other enterprise maintenance management or asset management systems

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Our Offerings
  • Single Integrated Facilities and Asset Life Cycle Management using the highly configurable Oracle Primavera’ s Facilities and Asset Management Solution
  • Portfolio management capabilities that provide a flexible solution for planning, organizing, managing and tracking the performance of your portfolio against strategic business objectives.
  • Organize your facilities, properties, and buildings by any hierarchy that supports your asset portfolio. Whether you organize your properties by geography or by any other hierarchy you always have access to dashboards, providing real-time portfolio data at any level
  • Space management such as standard compliances and room availability, computation of occupancy rates
  • Provision of visual representation of an entire facility broken down by floor or level to show how space is being used or assigned, see the square feet/meters of vacant space per floor, how much space is occupied by a single department on a given floor and more
  • Adapt to changing rules and compliance requirements and optimize strategic decision-making


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